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Research, Planning and Healthy Communities Advocate
"Healthy Communities are grounded in knowledge"
A healthy city fosters cooperative partnerships within the community and through the political process to create a political commitment, institutional change,
capacity-building, consensus building, partnership-based planning and innovative projects.  Healthy Cities seek to apply principles such as equity, empowerment,
collaboration, and community participation through local action.
Community health and sustainable development have become important alternative, offering lasting solutions to strengthen our future. Sustainable development
seeks approaches that benefit our local communities, environment, and quality of life. 
The Goal is to put health high on the social, economic, and political agenda of all leaders;  health is the business of all sectors and local authorities; leaders are
in a unique position, with the power to protect and promote their citizens’ well-being. The STEEPE MODEL is an approach that integrates two sets of long-
standing principles: one that encompasses people's relationship with the environment and the second regarding the current generation's responsibilities to future
Asterhill Research Company's primary services are Research and Planning. Asterhill offers our clients services to understand the realities of their community, to address the current future demands, and to develop strategies to make their communities healthier and increase their health capacities.
Research is the first step. Research will verify the market realities and lays the foundation for the commitment of resources. The ability to see and understand the community's potential within current and projected market conditions, can transform the process of planning and development into a tool for success. Creative solutions and innovative strategies are derived from careful analysis of all objective data. Asterhill provides client with:
Population Based Research:
Socio-Economic Studies
Demographic Profiles
Hunger & Poverty
Special Needs Population:
-Serious Mentally Ill (SMI)
-Victims of Domestic Violence (VODV)

Housing Studies
   Housing "Lite" Plus Reports
   Preliminary Housing Studies
   Housing Market & Demand Studies
   Rent Comp Studies

Economic & RTA Studies
Rural Communities

Healthy Community Research
   Community Engagement
   Social Determinants
   HealthPeople 2020 Assessments

Primary Data Collection
   Workshops & Focus Groups
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PLANNING is grounded in data, but needs to be sensibly calibrated to account for future changes in our sociological, economic, and political environments – and requires a thorough understanding of underlying market realities. Asterhill has developed the STEEPE program as an approach to planning and programming. Creative solutions and innovative strategies are derived from objective data analysis.
Strategic Planning
Housing Stability
Vulnerable Population
Hunger & Poverty

Community Health Planning Capacity
   Sustaining and improving a communities health Capacities
   Needs Assessment
Housing Action Plans

Grant Writing
Community Action Plans
Community Development Block Grants
Grant Writing