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"Healthy Communities are grounded in knowledge"
Asterhill Research Company has worked with economic, housing and community agencies throughout the Northeastern and Mid Atlantic regions of United States, and recognizes a healthy community requires a collaboration of leaders, professionals, community partners and those who call it home. With decades of experience, the outcomes  have helped communities address their housing and economic needs, to become healthier and more sustainable.
Fulton County,NY
Commissioned as a team member with project leader RSPD, to update Fulton County's Economic
Development Strategy. Asterhill provided a Population and Housing Demographic Profile, conducted
a Housing Market Demand Analysis for the county and 9 submarkets, and completed a Retail
Trade Anlsysis for 10 and 25 minutue retail trade areas.
City of Elmira, NY
Commission as a team member with project leader SWBR, to update the City's master Plan.
Asterhill provided: Demographic Profile and Housing StudyEconomic Market Study and, Policy
recommendations and Alignment of Master Plan to Healthy People 2020 goals and objectives.
City of Yonkers,NY
The City of Yonkers and The Community Builders, Inc. (TCBI) commissioned Housing and
Economic Market Studies to evaulate the market and demand as part of a HUD project know as
the Choice eighborhood Initiative Target Area (CNITA) in the City of Yonkers. Asterhill
recommended policies and development strategies for redevelopment of the area.
Sidney, NY
Commissioned by a developer out of Albany, NY to conduct a Housing Market Study and to review
plans to revitalize the area. The Town and Village of Sidney sustained two floods in  2006 and 2001.
The project included the review of New York State's GOSR plans.
Avon, NY
Commissioned by the Village of Avon  to review and evaluate market conditions for the demand of
upper floor rental units in the business district of the Village. The Housing Market Study estimated
the demand and examined existing housing conditions, as part of a Main Street, LLC program.
Patchogue, NY
Commissioned by a nonprofit from Suffolk County, NY to conduct a Housing Market Study to evaluate
the need and demand for housing for elderly with special needs . The study reviewed and analyzed
demographic data, surveys and secondary housing data, local information and competition in the area.
Cazenovia, NY
Commissioned by Town of Cazenovia and GCACC to evaluate the need and demand for elderly housing. 
The Housing Study reviewed and analyzed demographic data, surveys and secondary housing data, local
information, and competitive properties in the Primary Market Area and surrounding markets.
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