Health communities are characterized by a:

  • Strong sense of place,
  • Vision that is embraced and actively promoted by all of
    the key sectors of society and
  • Place that builds on their assets and dares to be
Asterhill’s team creates these results-
producing strategies through the use of:

Planning and
Development Services
Community Planning & Development
Asterhill works with clients to integrating public health and
urban planning practices, to advance health equity;
resulting in healthier communities. Today, communities are
seeking a more sustainable approach to improve the
quality of life. This requires communities to focus on
finding equitable balance among social, economic,
environmental and cultural factors.

Asterhill is committed to assisting their clients in
developing strategies and policies to increase health
capacities, and improve the quality of life in their
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A healthy community is much more than the delivery of
medical services to the population. It also includes;

  • Healthy housing stock; age of homes and removal
    of lead,
  • The economic health of "Main Street", full store
    fronts and low unemployment rates, and
  • Environmental health; clean water, safe roads,
    green spaces and walkable community.

Everything comes back to this key question;
“Is your
community thriving or failing”.  

The status of the housing, economic markets, and
poverty are good measures of community health, in
addition to other commonly used social determinants
including life span and infant mortality.