Asterhill Research Company
Research, Planning and Healthy Communities Advocate
Our Goal
To improve the quality of life and
increase the health capacity of
communties. Health communities
are characterized by: a strong
sense of place," a vision that is
embraced and actively promoted by
all of the key sectors of society and
a place that builds on their assets
and dares to be innovative.
Asterhill believes transformational
and sustainable change is grounded
in knowledge. The opportunity for 
change is achievable through
research and planning  to help
communities become healthier &
increase their capacity to remain
Health communities continually
create and improve physical and
social environments, expand
resources which enable people to
mutually support each other,
developing to their maximum
potential and improving the quality
of life for its residents.
About Us
Established in 2003, Advocating for healthier communities and the quality of life over the last 15 years.
Asterhill offers our clients services to understand the realities of their community, to address the current future demands and to develop the strategies to make it happen.
Asterhill has worked with
economic, housing and community agencies throughout the northeastern United States, and recognizes a healthy community requires a collaboration of leaders, professionals, community partners and those who call it home.........
Asterhill is approved as a Qualified
Housing Market Analyst for New
Hampshire Housing Finance
Asterhill works with clients to integrating public health and urban planning practices, in order to advance health equity; resulting in healthier communities. Today, communities are seeking a more sustainable approach to improve the quality of life. This requires communities to focus on finding equitable balance among social, economic, environmental and cultural factors.

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Healthy Communities are grounded in knowledge
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